Make better, creative and commercial
decisions with my range of innovative
3D visualisation services.

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“Our world is changing. And fast”

In this time of transformation, the fashion industry has an amazing opportunity to innovate.

Those who embrace change now have greater potential to thrive
in the future.
I believe 3D Digital Fashion Design is the future, TODAY!

Richard Roelofse

Fashion Design Director



Unrealized Creative And Financial Goals

The way we currently visualise creative and commercial strategies has serious limitations. We visualize our ideas with 2D design drawings and stylized 2D fashion illustrations. Often team members and manufacturers interpret design drawings differently than we have in mind. Because of that, 2D design drawings and 2D illustrations are frequently translated incorrectly, resulting in disappointing protos. Therefore, many of ‘Our Darlings’ are cancelled during selection processes.

There must be a better way!

Bring Your Vision Alive With 3D Visuals

My mission is to support YOU realizing your creative and/or commercial vision through my range of 3D Visualisation Services.

Imagine how photo-realistic, 3D Design Visuals will streamline your creative process.

Now think how this will lead to greater vision alignment with your colleagues and manufacturers. Getting everyone on the same page, at the same time.

Think 3D

Embrace The Future
of Fashion


Key Look Visualisation

3D visuals of coordinated outfits.

Garment Visualisation

3D visuals of tops and bottoms.

Campaign Stills

3D visuals of coordinated outfits
shown in a thematic campaign style scene.

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Richard Roelofse

Fashion Design Director

People change, generations change, and I am fascinated how this is translated through fashion. Out of habit, I try to understand the mindset of people through their clothing choices and their individual styling. Always guessing who they are, what they want to become, and what they want to express. It is all about my curiosity really.

“I translate modern concepts into true commercial products.”

I am a seasoned fashion designer / fashion design director. I use my experience of working in the industry for over 25 years; for creative direction, brand positioning, fashion design and trend forecasting. I work for fashion brands and vertical fashion retailers.

My favourite target group, is males between 25-30 years old. I like to focus on them because I find it the most fascinating period in a young man’s life.

“I am fascinated how people connect with each other through clothing.”

“Team members can have varying interpretations of what the final product will look like.”

In my work I have to convey my ideas to creative and commercial teams. I often notice that with industry standard 2D visualisation tools, team members struggle to imagine a creative direction or design proposals. I also notice quite often that team members interpret proposals differently then was intendent.

“My services are all about making better creative and/or commercial descissions.”

When I discovered 3D design programs, I was completely amazed. I saw instantly how some of the features could help teams to make better creative and commercial discissions.
Do you want to learn how 3D Digital Design can support you and your team? Then please contact me for more information.

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Better visualisation of:

Key looks
Fits and Silhouettes
Fabrics and Drape
Details and Interiors

Marketing & Sales

Pre-season Customer Engagement

Understand earlyer in the process how products will look like without having a salesman sample.

A better understanding of the seasonal look and the creative direction.

Customer Engagement

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Columbusstraat 10
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Phone/WhatsApp: +31652193250